Hola Beautiful People!

Welcome to Who Gave You The Mic! An entertainment and lifestyle reality check. I’m your girl Ny’Tia Patrice! (also known as Ace Dei and Patience- but that’s a whole ‘mother story)

The Back Story on #WGUTM:

Have you ever watched the news and seen the idiotic things ya’ll President (Yeah I said “Ya’ll President”. My President is still President Obama in my mind but I digress) puts on social media for the WHOLE WORLD to see. You think to yourself that If we weren’t the laughing stock of the world with Lil Bush, we definitely are now with Mr. Pumpkin head.

Or  have you ever been to a movie that every single morning show around the world claims it to be “The best thing you will see all year” but turns out to be the worst $12  you spent in your life and that 2 hours you spent in the theater have your inner Maxine Waters screaming “Reclaiming my time” to the ticket salesman?

Yeah… I tend to not believe all the hype around today’s media movement. I would describe myself as an extremely opinionated, kind-hearted, comedic, Miss Love-to-play-devils-advocate individual who can’t help but question damn near everything Pop Culture related. With that type of personality, it’s no wonder why I strongly identify  Kanye West as my spirit animal or at least my ideal big brother.


Honestly #WGUTM came about after the infamous Kanye outburst at the 2009 VMA awards about “Beyonce had the best video of all times”. I literally turned to my mother and said “Who gave him the mic! Who?” Despite the fact we were all thinking that Beyonce should have won, none of us had the balls to just say how we were really feeling… except Mr. West. And that my friends is how #WGUTM was conceived.

After seeing a lot of stupid antic and fall by the way side Kodak moments throughout the years, I  got tired of listening to all these so called entertainment/ beauty/ fashion gurus and wanted to bring a real person’s 2 cents to the mix. I created #WGUTM YouTube channel in 2013 to give the world a reality check on their tired b.s.

With that being said… Welcome again to Who Gave You The Mic!  Whether you agree with my opinions or not, feel free to mic check me in the comment section. I love reading other’s POV.

I hope you enjoy,


Ny’Tia Patrice




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