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Live. Don’t Just Exist.

I have existed way too long to not have lived yet.

The past month I have been doing a ton of reflecting. I don’t know if God is setting me up for a new chapter in my life or is Mercury Retrograde really doing a number on me but a sister is going through an emotional and mental rollercoaster. I have questioned every single thought, action, or interaction I have encountered just to try to make sense of it all.

Am I living in my truth?

Does this bring me happiness or anxiety?

What lesson and I supposed to be getting from the experience?

When this overwhelming spell comes over me, it always leads me down the trail of “Are you living or merely exist?”.

Sadly to say with another birthday looming around the corner, I am simply existing day in and day out.  I am pretty sure this is not how 5 year old me envisioned my life to go at all.  However, here I am! Working another unfulfilling 9-5 , paying bills, gripping about the countless potholes in our city street…

of the world of mediocrity and blandness. I have become just another mindless zombie trying to make it in the rat race. I am I not more than a bill paying junkie?

I am pretty sure that many people are too in the same life cycles living an ordinary life that is not worth mentioning.

What are we doing to ourselves people?

Do we take pleasure in our boredom just to fit in with the masses?

Why do we choose to suffer in the bland abyss instead of make movement and live in excitement?


When do we decide that life is worth living?

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised therefore the answer is NOW!

You don’t have to do any dramatic changes like quit your job first thing Monday morning. However you can make a strategic plan to create your own opportunities so you can eventually quit that boring 9-5 job. I have countless friend who left the corporate world and became yoga teachers or even created their own companies. I’ve never seen such free and happy people in my life.

Other things you can to to start living your life Now:

You can do bi-monthly mini getaways to different major cities.

Take time and learn a new language and take a trip to that country over the summer break.

Go through your old clothes and junk and donate those things to Goodwill or even your time to an organization you wholeheartedly believe in.

Research and start talking classes to get certified in a yoga/ event planning// interior design/ computer coding/ whatever tickles your fancy.

Get together with a group of (accountable) friends and start working out to get back in shape for the bucket list marathon you’ve been dying to accomplish.

(Re)start your blog just to relaunch your brand… a la moi

In other words, start living like you were dying.

Whatever it is to make you live the life you dream and not just exist, you got to take initiative. Stop putting your life on hold and live it! Begin to live with purpose once again.

tim mcgraw GIF-downsized_large

[ Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying”]




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