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Thou Shall Finish What I Started.

For many- MANY years I wanted to be a writer. Whether it was poetry, journal entry, songs, articles, short stories, or even the occasional script, I loved the freedom the pen and paper gave me. I have always had something to say but coming from where I am from, no one wanted to listen. Therefore the writing became my soapbox to stand on. When they did, I made sure my voice was loud and proud. (Apparently when God made me, he surely didn’t hold back on the opinionated mouthpiece.) Once I figured my odds of become the biggest entertainer in the history of Entertainment was already fulfilled (R-I-P to the real G Michael Jackson) I set my sights on my expressing myself through words beautifully scatter on the paper.

In high school, I began freelance writing for a local magazine, joined the high school newspaper, submitted poetry to national publications just to get myself one step closer to my dream. I thought I was going to be the real life Khadija James and have the dopest magazine known to man.

Over time, I traded in my pencil and paper for a mic, a camera, and some decent lighting equipment and created my YouTube channel “Who Gave You The Mic”. My voice and my expressiveness had a place to stand up and stand out. However, I still longed for the simple things of just writing it out without all the extra glitz. Plus making a YouTube video takes a lot of time and a lot of work… A LOT OF WORK!

Well after a lot of though and a whole lot of procrastination, I want revisit my writing chops and actually merge my love of writing with my love of talking folks ears off. I will be dedicating the the rest of 2018 to creating at least 100 posts. (Lord pray for me!) Instead of holding my tongue and letting my thoughts pass me by, I will allow them to live on for all to see.

With that being said, you don’t have to agree with me. Hell mic check me if you will. I want others to voice their opinion freely. I’m know I am not always right so I love hearing other’s point of views.

So cheers to my love of writing and converting it into blog form. My tag line used to be “An entertainment and lifestyle reality check” but I want to talk about more than just shallow topics. Now my tagline is “My voice will be heard” because that is exactly what I am gunning for. So here’s to the next 200+ days of blogging my voice to the masses with no holds bar.

Speak what you are, speak who you are unapologetically.
Speak with soul, speak with meaning,
Don’t be full of hollows and holes with no life and no meaning.
You earned that voice through all the trials and tribulations.
Speak it.
What ever it is you wish to see, whatever it is you wish to be.
Speak it.
Speak it all into existence.
[ “Voice”- Reginald Quarles]





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