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I’m Not Moved By Your Movements

Over the weekend thousands of young Americans participated in #MarchForOurLives to encourage and promote gun law reform as well as calling for an end to gun violence.  Main stream media and online advocates (through Twitter/Instagram/Facebook…etc) from around the world cheered on– as children & teenagers spoke courageously on stage; & others gathered in the mall for support.  Seemingly these young advocates loudly represented the values for which they believe.  Sadly, I…. was….not….MOVED.

I get it! We most definitely don’t want to see another school shooting take place.  From Columbine to Parkland, one might think these events cause instant changes to state gun laws, making them ubiquitous across the union.  The Florida Shooting was not the first major act of terror commenced by a wholesome white male–being reported with sympathetic words by TV hosts, as these white suspects are narrated to be suffering of mental health issues or surviving a respectable Christian family.  Conversely, news outlets promote BlackLivesMatter protesters– with negative commentary from media personalities describing them as unruly rioters…and often labeling melinated victims (whom are killed at the hands of unlawful police or wannabe neighborhood watchman) as criminals & thugs.

This is why we shouldn’t rush to join in this presumably noble act of unity.  Naysers might immediately state #MarchForOurLives was spearheaded by children of varying backgrounds, and social classes.

I’m not going to lie, a lot of the movements affect me directly, I’m Black, an educated woman who has been taken advantage of, that happens to be a teacher, and I resided in good old St Louis. All of my tweets, Facebook status, Instagram pictures should have every single hashtag possible in them.

At this time there are a multitde of issues holding merit to be championed.  But please …MISS ME with all the short lived outcry’s such as #MeToo; #RapCultureIsWhen; #Dreamers; and so on.  Folks still converse about them ever so often.  we paint over our picket signs and write a new slogan before we can concretely make a change on the last issue. We appear to be just as fickle as Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’–constantly forgetting why we came.   Just swimming forgetting what message and points we were trying to make in the first place.

Just today CNN reported that no charges will be brought against white police officers who murdered Alton Sterling in 2016 (Louisiana); while on March 25th, The New York post cited a Black police Officer whom killed a 6 year old white child in 2015 (Louisiana)  & on March 20th, The Washington Post detailed the Murder charges filed against a Melinated [“muslim”] Police officer whom killed a white Australian woman in 2017.

Yes American does need some form of gun control. Yes sexual offender need to be called out and punished for their actions. Yes police officers need to be reevaluated for racial injustices. Yes our government and news media are full of utter buffoonery when it comes to them doing the morally right thing. However, we the people need to realizes we need to stand firm in our stands and not waiver so easily to the next hot topic. No more hashtag activism. No more bandwagon or piggybacking activism.  We the people need to stop protesting today and forgetting next week what we stand for. Each issue is vital to the well-being of our people but we need to keep pushing for change and not letting it stop at one protest and a few hashtags later. We need representation, funds, knowledge of the law, and influence to truly make these movements actually make those in power move and not just build up pure emotion.

So sorry (not sorry) for not being excited for something that I know will be a memory until the next incident occurs.

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